Does Social Media apply to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

Last week, all of our thoughts were consumed with Boston.  Everywhere you looked, there was never ending information streaming towards us – on TV, in newspapers, and especially on social media.  Social media, being relatively new, is sometimes greeted with skepticism.  Everyone is talking about it, but how does it actually apply to business continuity and disaster recovery? Well, take a look what David Nolan said about these social technologies in the fall of 2012.  Since then we have already seen how social media can affect command and control, crisis management, and how we communicate.  These effects can be both good and bad, helpful and disruptive.  Regardless, it is something that we need to acknowledge.


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John Jackson on Reputational Risk and the Role of Social Media

Fusion Risk Management’s John Jackson talked to Continuity Insights at their 2012 Management Conference about reputational risks, how they can be addressed and the role of social media.

Check out this video to hear his thoughts- if you press play, the video will start up at the beginning of John Jackson’s segment!


The full video was originally posted on Continuity Insights.