What is the BCM Innovators Group all about?

(…and how is it different from all of the other BCM groups on LinkedIn?)

The BCM Innovators Group

Mission – BCM Innovators are focused on driving innovation through sharing creative ideas, debating, collaborating, and evolving to form real solutions to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and economic value of our BCM programs.

Who We Are

Collaborative  – We are interested in gathering the best practitioners in the industry to collaborate and elevate our profession in the eyes of businesses and organizational leaders.
Respectful – We are trustworthy, fair, and responsible. It is important that this group respects and cares for others- we want to see everyone succeed!
Passionate – We are intense, curious, and excited about helping organizations become resilient, prepared, and risk-oriented.
Creative – Our focus on innovation and achieving higher levels of success increases our willingness to take on new approaches and ideas, and we do not settle for the status quo.

What Happens Here

Sharing – Discuss trending topics with thought leaders who understand the problems and the potential that various solutions might bring.
Debating – Post a hypothesis about the application of a technology in a certain situation and debate the merits and value amongst the group.
Innovating – Suggest “out of the box” ideas and get feedback that could help evolve and mature those ideas.
Learning – Most of all, we want all members to learn from their experience in a way that drives innovation in the form of methods and technologies.

What Doesn’t Happen Here


This is the benchmark on which the conversations will be monitored and managed.  If you think that you are a good fit for this group, we would love to have you. Request to join HERE.


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